What Readers Are Saying About Selfless Self:

Shri Ramakant Maharaj speaking to Ann Shaw,
the Editor, of Selfless Self :
"My Master, Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj inspired you!
By the Grace of  my Master, this book is a Miracle".

I am deeply moved by the Truth, the Essence of Selfless Self. This book should be

mandatory reading for all students, for everyone, in fact.”

"The content is pure gold. Everything is there... if you accept it".

"Is this man, Ramakant Maharaj, the real deal? ABSOLUTELY. Reading Selfless Self was like an extension of I Am That, with the Master explaining concepts in an even more crystallized form and not even bothering to engage in debate. How tremendous this is!I know nothing except what I have learned from Nisargadatta Maharaj. How wonderful to be alive when his successor opens his door to seekers. If you are open to this message you will reach a point at which you will weep with gratitude.

What about the book itself? Excellent. Nice size. Good quality. Great editorial decisions. I appreciate the font choices."

"Selfless Self?  It is such an irresistible expression of living, fiery Truth, as much as the Real can be expressed in words, to blow away all words and concepts!"

"If you are ready for this book , if you have read 'I am that' many times and have meditated for many years, and are all ready to wake up but for some final support , then this book is going to wake you up real fast ...".

"Priceless words in this book, my morning nectar...very grateful for such a discovery."

"The book's simplicity is in a way deceptive because we think it should be more complicated, ritualized more heavily, etc but he so clearly and directly clears all that up. I am grateful, very happy, feel so very fortunate. Thank you."

"The closest you will get to truth on paper. Highly recommended." 

"I bow to all you people that made possible the Selfless Self book. It is so clear and to the point, even "better" than I Am That. Ramakant Maharaj has done the difficult work to update and actualize the ideas to our times and mindsets. I will be eternally grateful for that."

"Thank you for helping to bring me home! I can't read anything else. It is incredibly poignant, direct and penetrating - wiping concepts ruthlessly."

"A staggeringly powerful agent and gospel of Truth."

"A quiet majesty emanates from behind the words in this book. It positively shimmers with high, high teachings. Delightful to behold and be one with. A masterpiece of deceptive simplicity. Healing, peace-giving and intrinsically self-empowering. This is a one-off, a treasure. Strongly recommended."

"An outstanding book that will help many seekers."

"This book, 'Selfless Self: Talks With Shri Ramakant Maharaj' is 'Teachings-Led'      whereas 'I Am That' is 'Questions-Led' This is really important because I am not distracted from the flow of  the Master's Knowledge."

"'Selfless Self' is very powerful. For me, it is even more powerful than 'I Am That'. It is so nice to listen to Ramakant Maharaj in the book and absorb his teachings... just like flowing water. Very natural, very easy and peaceful. I smiled all the while, and when finished the first chapter, I felt Shri Maharaj's energy entered me in the process. How special this book is! A really wonderful gift for us all!"

"I have just started reading Selfless Self and feel deeply that this is the end of my journey. I have finally found the depth of teaching I was looking for."

"This book is alive really alive! Even after putting it down the Master's hammering continues, playing back certain phrases throughout the day. The sensation of the book is one of a constant dialogue, deeper, deeper, deeper. Reading this works like a mantra, in each moment, after each phrase, deeper silence, deeper peace, deeper joy."

"The book is Maharaj and Maharaj is the book!"

"The book Selfless Self has arrived today. Just holding it in my hands, one feels the Power and Truth coming from it. Thank you, thank you for this Divine Gift. I humbly bow!"

"No words can express!"

"I feel such a strong strong connection with Sri Ramakant Maharaj. I trust completely what he says. I trust this lineage and my whole being tells me that he is a true guide showing us, hammering us with what we have simply forgotten. So so amazing, what a blessing!"

"The crystal clarity of Shri Ramakant's teachings is truly amazing... It seems that even the Divine is able to top itself when it comes to dishing out its highest wisdom, further sharpening the pinnacle of knowledge so that the bubble of illusion can be easily pierced. So if there is ever a benchmark to recognize a genuine Master and His teaching, Selfless Self is it."

"Selfless Self is an excellent book. The best! Maharaj, you are beyond any of my expectations. I really can't believe it."

"I have read many books on nonduality and I think this book is really special. I would like to see it widely available." 

"A beautiful book emerging within the divine dream!"

"In reading this book, the power that is felt is intense. The words seem to spring to life as a fountain flowing, actually gushing. When a quote or passage seems to cause a profound impact, resonating at the deepest core of Being, this is NOT a time to rush to Facebook and share.... This is a time to sit silently and allow a marination in Selfless Self... Slowly, Silently, Permanently." 

"A sage, jnani of non-dual spiritual awakening... his extensive teachings are available in this beautiful and formidable new book."

"For me, the book is a beginningless and endless stream of Maharaj. Furthermore I am truly wonderfully surprised that after reading so many books of wisdom, this book is so intensely radiating clarity that is truly unparalleled. On every page I think of how skilfully the presentation of Maharaj's words are crafted. The words 'perfect work' have true meaning now."

What makes this book, Selfless Self, stand out from the rest? The editor, Ann Shaw said:

"This book, written in plain language, vibrates with the power of 

Self-Realized Master, Shri Ramakant Maharaj, who speaks from 'Thoughtless Reality'. 

This means that in 400 pages, the flow of 'Spontaneous, Direct Knowledge' 

is transmitted to the reader. This constant hammering of Reality has the effect of 

spontaneous Self-recognition that awakens aspirants from the illusory dream that we 

call life".